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The Wise Owl Slippers

The Wise Owl slippers are the companion of hot summer days. The ergonomic product features a comfortable and a lovely look with printed design. Quite ergonomic with its heeled structure, The Wise Owl slippers are suitable for any occasion. Long-lasting and durable, the preppy slippers are marked by the professional designers of the brand. Presented you by DOGO, famous for its printed footwear; The Wise Owl slippers are one of the loveliest products.

Accompanying you in the warm days, the comfortable structure of the owl sandals is specially crafted for those who love to be casual.  With the cork heeled sandals, long summer walks are more stylish than ever. As they are comfortable and stylish, different sandals and slippers like The Wise Owl embellish your casual aura with a fresh look.

Embracing the high-quality with conventional fashion, the art print on the sandals will make you stand out among the crowd. The Wise Owl slippers depict a reading owl on a background of texts. The book stacks on the sides are a colorful addition while the Reading Is Dreaming with Open Eyes text catches the attention.

DOGO is a professional when it comes to designing printed and casual heeled sandals and slippers. Fashion meets comfort in this lovely pair.

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