• Our adventure began.

    This is not when the story begins, but this is the point where it turns into an adventure. Passions evolved into designs from this point on, spread around the world from Izmir.

  • The year we started our e-commerce life.

    It was the time when online shopping was taking its baby steps. We made a radical decision despite the ones who say, "You can't shop online". We opened www.dogostore.com

  • DOGO on Alternative Online Channels

    Our e-commerce life continued in alternative online channels, especially in Markafoni - Turkey's leading private shopping club.


    Design is our greatest passion! Achieving the result of long-term R&D studies in 2010, we printed our passion on shoes by unique materials. We produced the very first vegan leather printed shoe in the world - through the innovative technique of our creation.

  • The First DOGO Store in Istanbul

    We franchised our first store near the Galata Tower - of which architecture mesmerizes us. Our export Middle East operations started in online channels while our distributorship adventure began in Europe.

  • DOGO in Europe

    They adored DOGO in Europe. The number of our European DOGO stores grew thanks to deep interest and increasing demand apace.

  • The year when Koala Hug was born

    Our one-of-a-kind DOGO designs are soon recognized not only in our country but also abroad. Koala has become one of our cult designs. You can still run across our koala design around the world.

  • Hello Netherlands, Italy, and France…

    With the increase in our brand awareness - we found 100% DOGO subsidiaries in the Netherlands in 2016 and then in Italy and France.

  • e-Export Champion

    Turkish Exporters' Assembly (TIM) elected DOGO as the "e-Export Champion".

  • The Joy of Our 20th Store.

    We opened our 20th store in our 11th year. So, we were deemed worthy of the award "100 Fastest Growing Companies in Turkey" by The Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey (TOBB).

  • DOGO is now A Design Center

    We are registered as Izmir's 3rd and Turkey's 75th Design Center by the Ministry of Industry and Technology.

  • 200 Sales Points Around the World

    We have reached 200 sales points worldwide, mainly in Europe and North America.

  • The pandemic started.

    2020 was the year the pandemic changed our lives. As a brand that likes traveling, meeting new people, hugging, and partying, we tried to get used to the new normal. We yearn to meet you at festivals and give you a bear hug.

  • DOGO is on Saks Fifth Avenue showcases.

    The pandemic adorned our ingenuity. Our production helped us overcome those arduous days. With our voluntary collaboration with Creativity Explored, supported by Gucci ChangeMakers, we are pleased to be on Saks Fifth Avenue - of which iconic fashion showcases on Fifth Avenue, New York burns up the world.


%100 Vegan

We have been designing vegan products and using vegan materials from our very first day. We specially care to take part in organizations where we are sure that no animals are harmed. Our policy takes a stand for production that respects animal rights around the world.

Unique Designs

Each DOGO design is one and only. Each line on DOGO designs mirrors thousands of thoughts and every color boundless emotions. Because we are a creative team - incredibly inspired by a passion for life.

Environmentally Friendly

Nature is our real home; we take care of the only treasure we have. This sensitivity is the guide of all our production processes.

A Sustainable World

We embrace a sustainable policy, supporting it through the projects & collaborations in economic, societal, and environmental areas. Harmonizing design and technology for a viable world, our timeless designs break the fast fashion rules.