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Legal & Privacy

DOGO Protection of Personal Data Law

We, as Dogo Tasarım A.Ş. care our valuable customers’ personal data security. Dogo Store maintains to process and preserve all personal data shared by Dogo Store customers within the framework of the law on the Protection of Personal Data, number 6698. Your personal data is being processed by Dogo Tasarım A.Ş. within the scope of the terms below.

We process your data to give a better service, to manage and complete order processes, to keep in touch, inform you regarding products, services, campaigns and promotions to understand your shopping habits, for trend and statistical analyses and maintain Dogostore.com’s security.

To fulfill our obligations due to Law No. 5651 on Regulating Broadcasting in the Internet and Fighting Against Crimes Committed through Internet Broadcasting, Law No. 6563 The Regulation of Electronic Commerce, Law No 5237 Turkish Criminal Code and Law no. 6698 Turkish Personal Data Protection we process your data to identify our customers directly or indirectly such as name, surname, e-mail, phone number, gender, birth date, id number, taxpayer id number, invoice and delivery addresses, IP address, including the information without limitations you allowed to be shared via your social media accounts but not .

Dogostore.com encrypts all your data transmitted electronically with SSL certificate and prevents others from viewing or copying it. Thus your data is stored securely in Dogostore.com database. The credit card information you use on Dogostore.com is definitely not saving in our system.


Due to our legal obligations your personal data can be shared with our 3rd party partners (courier companies, data base and marketing management companies etc.), group companies and government organizations.

Your personal data is being processed and saved in verbal, written and electronically due to the abovementioned aims in accordance with regulations of privacy act.


What Are Your Rights Regarding Your Personal Data and How Can You Use Them?

Dogo is responsible for saving member information as due. However our members have right to be informed, reach, ask for an update and ask their personal data to be deleted. Also they have right to learn if their personal data is being used in accordance with these purposes.



As long as your personal data has been processed by Dogo as data controller, as per article 11 of  Turkish Personal Data Protection Law you can fill in a petition and send to 10014 Sokak No:1 A.O.S.B. Cigli Izmir address, you can send an e-mail to [email protected], or you can use your registered electronic mail ([email protected]) (KEP), secure signature, electronic signature. Also you can use the e mail address which you used during your registration. By using these options you have right to;


  •              Learn whether any personal data is being processed;
  •              Request an information regarding your personal data handling processes
  •              To learn the purpose of your personal data processing
  •              In case of the data shared with 3rd parties domestically or abroad you have right to get information about these people.
  •              Request correction of personal data if it is incomplete or incorrectly processed
  •              In case of termination of the needs to process personal data, lack of legal basis and legitimate interest you can demand your personal data to be deleted.
  •              You can ask from the company, empowered company employees and third parties who processes your personal data to show respect to your rights.
  •              You can object to adverse outcomes which occurs because of the automatic data process systems. 
  •              You’re allowed to ask for a compensation for a damage in case of an illegal process of your personal data.

You can always log in to our system and change your membership and contact details.


In accordance with the law no. 6563 on the Regulation of Electronic Commerce in case of a cancellation of an approval, your data will be kept during 1 year, the content of electronic commerce will be kept for 3 years to be transferred to relevant ministry if needed. After expiration your personal data will be deleted by our company or as per your request or it will be anonymized.


Dogostore.com Cookie Policy

Cookie and Web Beacon are used on our website to provide you the best service.


Cookies are small text files that shared by web server (such as www.dogostore.com web server) during your visit. Session Cookies are files that records your moves during your visit. They are deleted after you log out. But permanent cookies are stored even after you close your browser and save moves and settings on different web sites you visit.


Web Beacons (as known as Pixel-Tags or Clear GIFs) are small graphic files that located in web pages, applications and news feeds which usually used with cookies to help to understand user behaviours. Below mentioned details for cookies are also for Web-Beacons. If you don’t let cookies, Web-Beacons will not be used.

Cookies are not dangerous for your computer by reason of the fact that they are not executable programs but only text files.

Cookies on DOGO web page (dogostore.com) are working to provide a better service during your internet session. Also they are used on the purpose of market research, advertising and collecting statistical data. We are using cookies for web track and evaluating these for personalized content.

Besides we’re using permanent cookies with Session-Cookies which are deleted automatically when you end your session on our web site. Permanent cookies are being stored in device until they are deleted by the user. We are not saving your personal data in cookies.

Based on your browser settings you can save or block your cookie files. If you save the files, our network server will recognize your device again on your next visit. Thus you won’t re-type your password and other information when it is needed during your next visits.

Then cookies allow you to visit the web pages easily which requires user information and allow you to have a web experience based on your choices.


If you don’t want to use it, of course you are free to block cookies as mentioned below;

You can adjust your browser to accept the cookies which we send or you can use our web page without cookies.  If you proceed with the second option, the information you filled will not be saved and you’ll be ask to rewrite again. And in this case we’ll not be able to provide a content for your personal choices.

Probably your browser is adjusted to give a warning message. Our web page will send specification cookies on every single new page you open. Thus these warning messages can be annoying. For this reason we advise you to adjust your browser as always allows these cookies. You can adjust your cookie preferences for every web page as you like.


Independently of stored cookies, you need to fill in your user information again in every step which requires registration information.


DOGO also integrates contents with Dogostore.com which presented by 3rd parties.  These 3rd parties will be able to use cookies when you visit www.dogostore.com and will get information regarding your visit on Dogostore.com. We suggest you to visit the websites of these servers to get information about the cookie usage of 3rd servers. Once you decide to block the cookies which requires permission to use, we’ll only serve the functions which are working without cookies.